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Our mission is to make great rods

Stryker rods are among the highest quality rods designed and built locally by people who fish, and know what they wanted to see in a rod, but couldn’t find elsewhere. Stryker’s no-compromise philosophy in our choice of components means we are building the best to be fished by the best.

Have you heard of the ten percent rule? It’s just this: Ten percent of the anglers catch 90% of the fish. Stryker rods are for the ten percent group. Not only are they the highest quality rod, they will help you become a better angler.

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Carbon fiber rod handles

Stryker Rod handles are custom-designed by CFX. Our CFX grips are custom-tapered to match the Alps reel seats and butt caps, providing a flush surface that is functional and visually appealing. The carbon fiber is durable, grippy in wet conditions, warms to the touch, and cleans up easily. They are extremely light and sensitive so as not to deaden the feel of the rod as you fish it.