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Welcome to the Grand Opening to our online sales platform! We would like to thank you all for visiting our website and taking the time to see what we have going on! As we get our bearings underneath us and swing into full production more content will continue to flow onto the website, so make sure to pop in and see what’s new. Currently we’ve got Winter Steelhead and Salmon blanks available to meet every custom rod builder’s dream. The Steelhead and Salmon fishing rods will be available as soon as we can stock them. But wait, that’s just the beginning! Keep your eyes peeled for our lineup of bass blanks coming soon.

If you have any questions, please check out our contact page and drop a line!

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  1. I look forward to working with a solid local company. I’m hard on my gear but I’m willing to pay for good customer service witch I have all ready received. When are you gonna do a trout series? As I’d like all my rods to be Stryker rods!

  2. Just received mine can’t wait to test it out in a few weeks!…also hands down the best customer service I ever had it beats out lamiglass,edge,gloomis!…be definitely buying more rods down the road!

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Blank Key

Helpful tips for understanding our blank naming system:

  1. The initial letters in the name indicate the intended purpose of the blank.
    KDR= Kokanee Downrigger, MB=Mag Bass, SB=Swimbait, SH= Steelhead, etc.
  2. After the letters there are a series of numbers pertaining to the blank length.
    SH1065-2= 10’6” blank, MB704= 7’ blank, LSW663= 6’6” blank, etc.
  3. Next is the power of the blank compared against other Stryker blanks in its category.
    MB705= 5 power SU1208-2= 8 power, DS704= 4 power, FL702= 2 power.

Other helpful tips:

  • Any blank with a "-2" at the end is a two-piece blank. If there is no "-2" then it is a one-piece blank.
  • Any blank with an "HM" at the end is a High Modulus blank.
  • Any blank with a "T" at the end of the name has an outer wrap of carbon fiber twill.

Finish options:

  • We currently do not offer any coating finish for our blanks. Our blanks are manufactured with either a raw non-sanded finish or a sanded finish.
  • All blanks except for saltwater, some inshore, surf, and trolling rods will come sanded unless otherwise noted.
  • You can specify whether you want sanded or non-sanded finishes in your order notes if you prefer something different from our standard stock.

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