Items needed:

  • Replacement Rod Tip
  • Rod Tip Glue
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Lighter
  • Towel
  • Knife


Removal Of The Old Tip

Using the lighter, SLOWLY heat the barrel portion of the tip guide. Make sure not to overheat the barrel all at once. The rod blank inside the barrel is delicate and fragile. After about 5-7 seconds, use the needle nose pliers and grasp the tip guide. Slowly pull directly away from the rod blank. If it does not come loose, re heat the barrel gently until removal of the tip guide is achieved.


Installation Of The New Tip Guide

Dry fit the replacement guide first to make sure it will work on the rod. If the blank is too thick, simply shave the blank with a knife to fit. Once satisfied with the dry fit, remove and proceed to the following step. Pre heat the rod tip glue and apply a liberal amount to the rod blank. Let the glue air dry. Then re heat the glue again and slide the replacement tip onto the rod. While still movable, line up the guide with the rest of the guides to assure straightness. Once completely dry and cool to the touch, remove the excess glue from of the rod.