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SCP1205-2 | 12′ Centerpin Rod | Medium | 10-20lb Leader | 11-40g Float


Only 5 left in stock


Stryker’s SCP1205-2 center pin was developed to go to battle with trophy class Steelhead, Salmon and provide backbone and control in fast moving water. Don’t let the 10-20lb leader rating fool you, this rod is incredibly light, balanced, and comfortable for daylight to dark work. Built on our exclusive high modulus blank with Stryker’s unique taper and custom CFX grips. Float rated from 11-40grams, this rod is what you’ve been waiting for!

Additional information

Action Rating




Line Rating

10-20 lb Leader

Lure Rating

11-40 gram Float

Power Rating



Blank Key

Helpful tips for understanding our blank naming system:

  1. The initial letters in the name indicate the intended purpose of the blank.
    KDR= Kokanee Downrigger, MB=Mag Bass, SB=Swimbait, SH= Steelhead, etc.
  2. After the letters there are a series of numbers pertaining to the blank length.
    SH1065-2= 10’6” blank, MB704= 7’ blank, LSW663= 6’6” blank, etc.
  3. Next is the power of the blank compared against other Stryker blanks in its category.
    MB705= 5 power SU1208-2= 8 power, DS704= 4 power, FL702= 2 power.

Other helpful tips:

  • Any blank with a "-2" at the end is a two-piece blank. If there is no "-2" then it is a one-piece blank.
  • Any blank with an "HM" at the end is a High Modulus blank.
  • Any blank with a "T" at the end of the name has an outer wrap of carbon fiber twill.

Finish options:

  • We currently do not offer any coating finish for our blanks. Our blanks are manufactured with either a raw non-sanded finish or a sanded finish.
  • All blanks except for saltwater, some inshore, surf, and trolling rods will come sanded unless otherwise noted.
  • You can specify whether you want sanded or non-sanded finishes in your order notes if you prefer something different from our standard stock.

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